Rose Gabriel - Red Deer Alabama

I have been to the Shop with my 2003 Jimmy SLS. My front wheel was making an awful screeching sound. I had been to other garages and they took all 4 wheels out and it persisted until I saw Peter. All I did was explain to him what was happening and he took care of it in less than 15 minutes! Turns out my backing plate was bent! On top of it he did what most mechanics never would; he gave me tricks on how not to get screwed as it is not my domain! Showed me what he was doing and what the tools were for. I’ve never been treated with such respect at a mechanical shop. Plus the man carries such great energy and care! The place is clean and inviting. The best part is, his work Lasts! If you want an actual honest man with over 30 years in the business Go see Peter! If you regret your visit I will pay for it!

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  • Timeliness
  • Would Recommend
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